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A storyteller brings a magical compass to transport the audience all over the world, revealing stories of from India, Korea and Ghana.

In the first tale, Neelam, a clever Indian girl, devises a trap to catch a monster that is causing trouble in her village. After the monster convinces her to set him free, he tries to eat her. A jackal passing by questions the two and provides the opportunity for the girl to trap the monster yet again, and saves her village.

The second story takes place in Korea, where Soon Jah wishes to help her husband who struggles to cope after having returned from a war. The village’s hermit tells her to retrieve a whisker from a living tiger in order to make a potion to help her husband. She brings food to a nearby tiger and soon earns his trust and is able to attain the whisker. The hermit burns the whisker saying that if she can gain the trust of a tiger, she can help bring her husband out of the darkness with the same respect and tenderness.

The final story is the tale of Ahmadou, a farmer in Ghana, who encounters a talking yam. Soon he finds all inanimate objects can talk and runs for fear. He meets a fisherman, weaver and bather who also encounter talking objects. They approach the chief of the village who helps them realize that all objects can speak, if we just listen.

Stories adapted by Brigitte Viellieu-Davis

Performed by Joyce Lee

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Grades: K-5

Cost: $400.00

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