Over 600,000 students have seen an Enrichment Works Production or attended an Enrichment Works class. Our artists and administrative staff have the knowledge and experience to provide enriching and entertaining experiences.

With your support we can continue to serve our schools (mostly Title 1), libraries, and museums!


“Teachers and administrators were thrilled that students would discuss the play during the school day and share their experiences with other students. This encouraged reading and writing among all students and some were also inspired to write their own stories and plays. Enrichment Works plays bridged the opportunity for learning across the curriculum through subject matter based on state Content Standards.”

Isuare Blandin, Lead Administrator, LAUSD Youth Development Program

“I’ve organized events in the past, but I’ve never heard so much positive feedback from staff and students. The performances were absolutely phenomenal. Not one closed mouth. All wide open HUGE smiles I witnessed! Students couldn’t have been more engaged. Thank you from everyone at Bassett for the opportunity to be enriched by your performances. They were wonderful and so enjoyed by the children in every grade.”

Sylvia Garcia, Teacher, Bassett Elementary

“On behalf of our entire staff, I want to thank you and your talented storytellers for their wonderful renditions of “John and Juan” and “Aesop’s Fables.” I cannot adequately express our appreciation for this enriching experience. The name of your organization is quite fitting. “John and Juan” took our students through California’s history in a very interesting and entertaining manner. They sparked an interest in history and social studies in our students that I am sure will translate to self-motivated research and writing. Writing was also the theme of “Aesop’s Fables,” and any student who struggles with writing a story certainly can be inspired to know that every writer struggles. Your organization is held in the highest esteem here at Brainard!”

Jaque Kampschroer, Principal, Brainard Avenue School

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to have your actors come to our school and perform “Native Beginnings,” “Aesop’s Fables,” and “The Voyage of Odysseus!” Our students loved every minute of each performance! The actors truly understand audiences from all different ages and they know how to engage every single one of them. They all hope that your team can come back next year. I do too!”

Elizabeth Vazquez, School Culture Coordinator, Magnolia Science Center