Dick Richards is an American film director, producer and photographer.  Known as a storyteller and an “actor’s director”, Richards has worked with Robert Mitchum, Gene Hackman, Martin Sheen, Blythe Danner, Catherine Deneuve, Alan Arkin and many others. Born and raised in New York, Richards rose to prominence during the 1960s advertising revolution, becoming a world-renowned photographer and commercial director with clients including Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Polaroid, General Motors, Hertz, Pepsi, etc. His advertising work has won every majoy industry award including the Cannes Lion for best worldwide commercial, as well as mulitpe Clio’s and New York Art Director Awards.  

After years in the New York commercial world, Richards moved to Hollywood and directed his first feature film, The Culpepper Cattle Co. , followed by Rafferty and the Golddust Twins, and Farewell My Lovely.  In 1983 Richards won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Comedy for Tootsie, which he optioned, developed and produced with Sydney Pollack.  The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards incuding a Best Picture nomination for Richards and Pollack.