About the Program

Choose from Clowning and Character Development to explore comedy techniques or Beginning Circus Skills to develop physical dexterity, teamwork, and performance abilities.

Clowning and Character Development:

Classic clown "entrees" are used to explore character relationships and physical comedy techniques. Students then create their own clown character (minimal or no make-up unless budget and time allow) and partner with classmates to create their own 2-3 minute "gags." Traditional theater terms (upstage, downstage, blocking, take, double take) as well as writing terms (objective, plot, conflict) are used throughout the course. Students present their original pieces to the class.

Beginning Circus Skills

Build confidence and have fun exercising as they learn to do circus tricks such as juggling, plate spinning, pyramid building, object balancing and more. Concepts of patterns, balance and the physics of spinning are addressed through the different skills. One-day workshops or a full program ending with a student circus are available.

More Information

Cost: Pricing is determined by length of workshop or residency and number of visits, please contact us.

Age Range: Grades 1-8

Capacity: 35 students

Teaching Artist: Donna Wood-Babcock

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