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    Available October 1, 2014!

    Relatively Speaking: A Visit with Albert Einstein

    This play was extremely popular when we first introduced it, traveling to dozens of schools and culminating with performances at the Skirball Center.  We are bringing it back to meet the demand for more STEAM programming.  This one-person show includes demonstrations of electro magnatism, speed of light, spectrum of light, gravitational pull and of course his famous theory of relativity.  Students also learn about Einstein's life including discussions of how he was affected by anti-semitism and war.  Contact us if you'd like to hold a date for your school.

  • Assembly Programs

    Enrichment Works assemblies are challenging, relevant, and fun.

    Our artists understand that children need to connect emotionally to the subjects they study in school. It’s what piques their curiosity, fires their imagination and makes dramatic improvement in learning not just possible, but inevitable!

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  • Classes & Workshops

    Enrichment Works has been providing classes and workshops since 1999. Experienced and dedicated teaching artists create custom workshops or sequential classes that connect to state, and now, Common Core standards to meet your students needs. Many of our classes are designed to compliment and expand on the experience of seeing an Enrichment Works production.


Great Reasons To Choose Enrichment Works

  • Over 500,000 students have seen an Enrichment Works production.  Our artists and administrative staff have the knowledge and experience to provide an enriching and entertaining experience.
  • Our original plays and musicals are created and performed by award-winning, professional writers, directors and actors.
  • Each play is designed to create a memorable experience and an emotional connection to help students learn and remember important information.
  • We provide a free, downloadable "Classroom Connections" document for each of our productions. These guides include play summaries, suggested classroom activities, discussion questions, vocabulary words, and link the information in the show to the Visual and Performing Arts Standards for California Public Schools.
  • We offer arts education workshops and courses that are designed to complement our shows.

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