Stories of the First People

About the Program

Actor, Teaching Artist and Storyteller, David Guerra leads students through a series of beginning acting exercises to prepare them to join him as he shares a story from the Iroquois people.  David explains the purpose of storytelling in Native American culture and invites students to join him around an imaginary fire in “the long house" as he prepares to tell the tale of the Flying Head, a ghost story about a brave brother and sister who unlike their fearful neighbors stays in their village home awaiting the Flying Head. The Flying Head fed on human flesh. The young siblings sitting near their fireplace, talking to their baby sister, completely aware that the Flying Head has entered her home, exclaim how delicious the hot coals from the fireplace tastes. They say the hot coals taste better than human flesh. The Flying Head greedy for anything more delicious than human flesh rushes to the fireplace and devours the flaming, hot coals. Burning its’ throat, it flies out the home, out of the village and into the wilderness never to be seen or heard of again.

This live, interactive Zoom event has proven to be an engaging and successful format for grades K-8.

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Grades: K-8

Cost: $350

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