Coming this Fall!

A Doggone Musical teaches children that they can play a big part in the pet’s health and happiness. Frisbee the dog is eager to practice the tricks that Barbara, his owner, has been teaching him. Barbara is too busy and Frisbee feels neglected. Kool, the alley cat, convinces Frisbee to hit the streets. Along the way they meet Fifi, a French poodle, eat out of garbage cans, and encounter a dog catcher and a groomer. Meanwhile, Barbara posts lost dog flyers and is eventually reunited with Frisbee. Barbara learns the responsibilities of dog ownership and the nine things that every pet needs; food, water, training, ID tags, shelter, grooming, exercise, vet visits, and love.

Written by Ian Patrick Williams, music by Norman L. Berman, lyrics by Abraham Tetenbaum

Directed by Murphy Cross

Additional Information

Grades: 7-6

Cost: $500