Food for Thought: My Plate

This musical follows the transforming adventures of a vending machine (MC Vendor) with “Sneakasnackitis” who learns to use "My Plate" to eat right and stay fit with the help of the children he loves.

M.C. Vendor, a vending machine, is popular at school where students listen to his rap (“Come and Get It”) and buy his sugary snacks and soft drinks. In gym class, though, he has trouble keeping up. The coach admonishes him for being inactive when he ought to exercise at least 30 minutes every day and for selling unhealthy snacks to children when he could set a better example. M.C. visits a doctor who makes a grim diagnosis (“Sneakasnackitis”) and refers him to a nutritionist. M.C. feels guilty about contributing to the epidemic of childhood obesity and early onset diabetes (“I Feel Like Junk”). After learning from a Registered Dietician about the nutritional benefits of following the “My Plate” guidelines, he decides to re-stock himself with healthy snacks and, to raise the money for his new supplies, goes on a television game show called “Meal or No Meal.” With help from the students in the audience, M.C. Vendor correctly answers every question about nutrition and fitness,wins the game, and comes back to the school stocked full of healthy foods.

Book by Ian Patrick Williams; Music by Norman L. Berman; Lyrics by  Abraham Tetenbaum; Directed by Ian Patrick Williams; Choreographed by  Murphy Cross; Backdrop by Sonny Siu; Cast: David Hunter Jr. and Danielle Vernengo.

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