Greek Theatre

Three courses to choose from: Exploring Traditions of Greek Theatre, Creating Your Own Myth, Exploring the Other Characters in Odysseus' Journey.  All complement our play "The Voyage of Odysseus."

Exploring Traditions of Ancient Greek Theatre - this class introduces students to the use of "chorus" and "masks" in ancient Greek plays.

Creating Your Own Myth - After exploring several established myths of ancient Greece and defining the 12 Gods (ancient Super Heroes) the class creates an original myth that involves 2-3 new characters.

Exploring the Other Characters in Odysseus' Journey - Students look more deeply into the characters Odysseus encounters and write monologues as their selected character exploring objectives and how necessary they are in adding conflict.

These courses compliment the "Voyage of Odysseus" play.

Teaching Artist: Anna Gianotis

Cost: Pricing is determined by length of workshop or residency and number of visits, please contact us.

Age Range: Grades 4 and up

Capacity: 35 students

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