Acting and Improvisation

We offer two courses that teach beginning acting skills for young students, Improv for Kids and Beginning Acting.

Playwriting and Performance

In this cross-curricular program students use improvisation and writing exercises to create an original play. Program ends with a performance by the students.  This can be a bi-lingual program.


Choose from Clowning and Character Development to explore comedy techniques or Beginning Circus Skills to develop physical dexterity, teamwork, and performance abilities.

Story Theater

This program connects literacy and reading to drama as students take a classic story, fable or myth and turn it into a play.

Greek Theatre

Three courses to choose from: Exploring Traditions of Greek Theatre, Creating Your Own Myth, Exploring the Other Characters in Odysseus' Journey.  All complement our play "The Voyage of Odysseus."

In My Own Words

Monologue writing class. To make a cross-curricular connection, the students select historic figures studied in one of their history, science, or literature classes.  Program can include culminating performance.