Biddy Mason: From Slavery to Riches in the Wild West

Biddy Mason tells her story of how she moved from being a slave in Mississippi to a wealthy land owner and philanthropist in Los Angeles.


Biddy Mason tells her life story to a judge while petitioning for freedom from slavery.  Students learn about her arduous, seven-month journey from Missippi to California on foot.   Biddy learns that California has abolished slavery and petitions to be freed.  She wins her freedom, and through her hard work as a midwife nurse,  becomes a wealthy and well-respected member of the community.  Biddy uses her riches to feed the poor and devotes time to visiting prisoners.

This story is a testament to her character and spirit during which students learn about the life of an important and influential woman in 1800s California.


Additional Info

  • Grades: 3-6
  • Cost: $400