by Danielle Vernengo

Orange County

   When I was in the second grade we had a set of twin ladies come to our school and perform a show about not talking to strangers.  It was such a fun show.  My parents had spoken to me about that issue but it really sunk in when I saw the show.  The girls played all the characters and got all of us kids involved.  I ran home and told my mom that I wanted to do that one day.  Not only was it a fun show, but being a twin myself I thought, "What an amazing job!"  Now as an adult I still remember seeing those women and am proud to say that I actually went on to do what I said I wanted to do in second grade.  Act and teach kids.  Which led to lots of stories like this....


     During a Money Mon$ter performance I had a girl in about 4th or 5th grade say to me "I don't need to worry about money. I'm just going to have babies."  At the end of the show she came up to me as said,  "Wow!  Maybe I want to be a reporter like you.  And I'm going to ask my parents to open me up a bank account!"


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