Marta Cross

Marta Cross’ first theatrical release was in March 2007, IFC’s “Believe In Me” (with Samantha Mathis, Jeffrey Donovan, Heather Matarazzo and Bruce Dern). Marta played one of the lead players as Sadie York. She has starred in several independent and feature films such as "Blind", "Larkshead Society", "Free Money" "sideFX ", "Red Ridge", and various Spanish films including "Sobre Tu Cadaver" and "La Bella." "Marta just finished filming Bavaria Film’s, “Short Cut to Hollywood“, a road trip feature shooting throughout the United States. She is currently filming “The Winged Man“, scribed by Motorcycle Diaries Academy nominated, Jose Rivera, starring opposite Shalim Ortiz with Ana Ortiz.

Her television appearances include, Weeds, Reno911, NCIS, CSI NY and Secret Girlfriend. Enrichment Works audience members recognize her from her  roles on Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh and iCarly.