Loryce Hashimoto

Ms. Hashimoto is an actor, writer, choreographer, voice actor and musician.  She has performed in A Jive Bombers Christmas, Alice's Jive Bombers X-Mas Concert, Nihonmachi: The Place to Be, Natsukashi No Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and J-Town Jazz Club. Credits also include performances at Bang Comedy Theater. Ms. Hashimoto is a member of The Grateful Crane Ensemble, is in the Day of the Remembrance committee aat Gardena JCI and is a member of the board of Nihon Buyo Kai of California - whose objectives are to preserve and promote Japanese classicall and traditional dance through performances, demonstrations, and education.  Loryce is classically trained in Japanese Dance (Nihon Buyo) and the Shamisen (Classical and Folk Music.)  She is a member of Minyo Station, a Jazz fusion band that combines Japanese folk music with Jazz/Rock/R&B.